Sep 24, 2015

Tina Nakamura, a member of a group of elementary music, attracting the attention on social networks to express mature shape through bikini photo presentations.

Hoshiniji Nakamura, 11, is a member of idol group Soror Beibi with 5 elementary students was established on 05/18/2014. She is often called the stage name Nakamura Tina.
 Soror Beibi the idol of Fukuoka Prefecture.
 Soror Beibi group consisting of 5 members, 5 different colored bow ties when performing: Nakamura Tina 11 (red), Arita Arai 10 years old (pink), Arisa Kikuchi (purple), Yamaguchi Yunon 7 years old (blue ), Yamaguchi Sion 5 (orange).

 Nakamura Tina was born on 02/16/2004, is the big sister and the leader of Beibi Soror.
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