Aug 17, 2014

Ngân Búng
This girl was born 1993, real name Kim Ngan Truong. She is a student in French class, Foreign Trade University. Ngan Bung had reached the top 30 of Foreign Trade 2011 Charming Besides learning and active participation in school activities, she also worked as a model and actress pictures fashion to music MV.

Bunny Kute
Kute Bunny's real name is Quynh Phuong Chu. Girls born in 1993 who are currently enrolled at the Hanoi Foreign Trade University and is considered one of the endearing face was admired by many people. Recently, she launched you with lots of bikini photos designs and styles that appeal to track the amount of rapidly increasing personal page.

Hồng Lam
Female student Nguyen Thi Hong Lam was born in 1994

Thủy Babie
Female student Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy was born in 1994 with the lovely nickname Babie Mercury is one of the most prominent female student University of Foreign Trade. Property radiance and endearing smile.

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